Picture of Beats Orthotic Insole System (Netural Heel/Met Pad)

Beats Orthotic Insole System (Netural Heel/Met Pad)

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Beats Orthotic Insole System (Netural Heel with Metatarsal Support Pad)

The addition of a metatarsal pad supports and redistributes weight away from the metatarsal bones and joints of the ball of the foot. Metatarsalgia and Mortons Neuroma is usually due to the presence of excessive pressure over a prolonged period of time in this area of the foot often associated with foot pain as a result of standing and walking on hard unyeilding surfaces or while wearing certain styles of shoes with limited cushioning in the ball of foot area. Often pains symptoms are a result of worn out footwear where the cushioning in a shoe or insert is worn out.


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